Thursday, December 15, 2005


There’s a story of a pious man who very much believed in God.
One day, at the place where he dwelled, it started to rain heavily and it
rained and rained, and a big flood came. He went from the first floor to
the second floor of his house and the water rose until he was on the roof.
Someone rowed by and said, “Get in, my friend, I’ll save you; the water
is rising.” He said, “No, I believe in God; I really have faith; I believe.”
So he sent the rowboat away.

It rained more and the water got all the
way up to his neck. Another rowboat came by, picking up people. “Get
in, my friend, I’ll save you.” “No, thank you. I have trust. I have lived
my whole life. I believe in God; no need.” The rowboat went away. It
got up to his nose so he could just barely breathe. And a helicopter came
over and lowered down a rope.“Come up,myfriend, I’ll save you.” “No,
thank you. I believe, I have faith, I trust.” So the helicopter went away.

It rained some more and he drowned. He goes to heaven after that.
Soon after that he gets an interview with God. So he goes in, and he sits
down and pays his respects, and then he says, “You know, I just don’t
understand. Here I was your faithful servant. I was so trusting, and
prayed, and so believing, and I just don’t understand what happened to
me.” And he recounts all of his circumstances. “Where were you when
I needed you?”

God looks up and kind of scratches his head and says,
“I don’t understand it either. I sent you two rowboats and a helicopter.”

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